Laura Real            

I'm from Argentina, Rosario. I was born on June 16, 1978. I began to dance Tango on May 14, 1993 in the National Dance School of my city after watching a tango show of the company "Tango por 2". Since then, I have become a fervent admirer of the Tango music and dance. 

At the same time I attended to my high school, I was doing the career of Classical Ballet Teacher but I didn't finish it because I wanted to know more about that dance. So, I took classes with Russian teachers (from the Bolshoi, and other from the Kirov Theater), with a Cuban ex ballerina of the Alicia Alonso Ballet, and with other renowned maestros. 

My most important Tango teacher is and was Jorge Colosio.  He is an old men that lived and felt the tango there, by the '40.  He bring the Tango in his blood and since many years ago he has been transferring me this strong feeling of love for the Tango, and the sense of impeccability that the tango dance deserve. I have learned that eccentric figures and jumps are not doing to the essence of the Tango and that the elegance and harmony in steps are the most important things. 

Also I have attended to seminars of the tango taught by Carlos Copes, Los Dinzel, Orlando Paiva, Marta y Daniel, Victoria Colosio and Milena Plebs.

I'm not dancing classical ballet anymore, but my strong bases of this helped me to define my Tango style. Today, after 7 years of experience I feel able to transfer, in a simple and clear form, the teaching with the secrets and details that can't be overlooked.

I hope you find instructive, dynamic, and simple my videos and classes.